What Is Catastrophe Insurance?

If you have been a victim of a major weather event like Hurricane Sandy, a forest fire, a flood or an earthquake, you have a pretty good idea of why homeowners, landlords and renters may need catastrophe insurance. These events have occurred with alarming frequency in recent years. What are the different kinds of catastrophe

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Finding the Best Umbrella Insurance

Finding the Best Umbrella Insurance (After all, sometimes it rains on sunny days, too) Ever had a bad day? What about a really, really bad day? Standard insurance coverage will most likely be able to handle your average bad day, but when you get into “really, really” territory, the consequences and claims could go well

Finding the Best Small Business Insurance

Finding the Best Small Business Insurance (Because you deserve a break) Owning a business isn’t just some 9-to-5, working-for-the-weekend endeavor. It’s a carefully crafted, self-invested game plan to do something you’re passionate about … and to build a small fortune. This makes finding the right coverage incredibly important. Our independent insurance agents know the ins,

A Deeper Look Inside Professional Liability Insurance (Even the pros make mistakes)

A Deeper Look Inside Professional Liability Insurance (Even the pros make mistakes) So you’re a (insert job title). You provide people with goods or services and in return, they pay you for it. But being a pro isn’t easy, and despite the number of years you have spent in your line of work, mistakes can

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Meeting Millennials’ Needs and Wants

Millennials are coming of age. They comprise one-third of today’s workforce, with more Millennials on the job than Gen X’er or baby boomers, according to a Pew Research report. Their needs — and their preferences — have a growing influence on the way health insurance and health care are delivered. Millennials are generally defined as those

Is Renters Insurance Necessary?

There are many reasons people choose to rent rather than buy a home. Whether you are a college student, you are saving up for a down payment on a house, or you simply like the flexibility of apartment living, it is a good idea to become familiar with renters insurance and how it can protect

Equifax Cyber Security Data Breach

Equifax Cyber Security Data Breach As you are most likely aware, Equifax, a major credit bureau, announced recently that a cyber security incident, discovered in July, that may have exposed names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and addresses of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. In addition, a smaller amount of driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers and

Auto Insurance…Rates Going Up!!!

In June of 2015 I put together a message regarding trends in home insurance particularly with rising rates and deductibles from unprecedented claim payouts from wind and hail storms. My industry was going thru a transformation on home insurance that was big time affecting consumers. My message provided an education on why, plus a warning

Distracted driving continues to inflate auto-insurance rates

Since 2011, nationwide auto-insurance premiums have increased by 16 percent. Today, the average annual rate for one driver is $926. According to Bloomberg, the country’s largest auto insurers have paid out $1.05 in costs for every $1 worth of premiums. This is in contrast to about a decade ago, when insurers pulled in $1 for

IDENTITY THEFT – Should you have this coverage?

Subject: IDENTITY THEFT – Should you have this coverage?  When these identity theft products started coming out a few years ago, I felt like they were a “money grab” being sold off fear, and many of them still are.  As I learned more about the risk management and personally witnessed troublesome cases, I have changed