8 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

With the holidays so close and so many people traveling before or after…things you may want to consider, even if some are obvious, when you are busy they are nice reminders!!!! Your home is your sanctuary. It is a place where fond memories are made and relaxing evenings are spent after a busy day. Your

Is Your Business Ready to Grow? Here’s How to Tell.

A growing, thriving business is a wonderful thing. It’s often the product of years of hard work, and results in immense satisfaction. However, not all growth is necessarily good. In fact, too much growth too fast can spell a company’s doom. So, how can you avoid the massive implosion that rapid business growth sometimes brings?

Home Renovations

Reasons Your Trusted Choice Agent Should Help with Your Home Renovation Project Did you know your home and finances are at risk when you plan a home renovation project? One of the main reasons homeowners fail to inform their insurance agent about home renovation plans is the assumption doing so will result in insurance premium

College Wars: May the Coverage Be with You!

One of the most anticipated events of this fall is the return of Star Wars! From those who fondly remember seeing that massive star destroyer fill the theater screen for the first time in 1977, to those who’ve only watched the later animated version, millions of fans eagerly await a return to that universe far,

Computer Insurance…DO YOU NEED IT?

Computers are part of our daily lives, and most of us depend on at least one home computer. When a computer hasn’t been out of the box for long and something causes it to crash completely, what recourse do you have? What happens when you check the fine-print on your computer warranty and find that

Storms – Spring weather is here

Hello and Good morning. As I type this email I am listening to the hail hit my building. Oh…….. the joys of spring…. I/we have been thru many storms in our 50+ years. I for one, recall the largest of them all on 04-10-2001. That wind / hail storm defined my agency and afterwards, we

Identity theft – Should you have this coverage or not?

When these identity theft programs started coming out to the public 6-8 years ago I felt like they were a “money grab” being sold off fear.  Well……as I have learned more about the risk management and personally witnessed cases my tune has changed dramatically. This is real, it is the fastest growing crime in the

Five Star Professional

Shawn McBride of Affiliated Insurance Agencies, Inc. Wins the 2015 Five Star Home and Auto Insurance Professional Award Shawn McBride named one of St. Louis’ outstanding home and auto insurance professionals with fewer than 7% awarded. Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) February 19, 2015 Five Star Professional is pleased to announce Shawn McBride, Affiliated Insurance Agencies, Inc.,